Disease is killing us – obesity, diabetes, heart disease

Food is killing us – allergies, constipation, poor digestion

Fear is killing us – stress, emotions, lack of purpose

We’re only given one body to experience life on this Earth and as you may have noticed, parts don’t come cheap…

This is not to scare you, this is to bring truth to you. Truth that not many are willing to open their eyes, mind and heart to because we’d rather buy a new pair of sneakers, a new iPhone and have the latest car in our driveway. Many of us aren’t caring for this powerful machine we have, instead we’re focusing on the instant gratification of a bagel, donut and coffee.

Yea… it feels good in the moment to slab some cream cheese on that bagel or spread some butter and jelly and enjoy every bite as our mouths salivate for it, but what is it costing you??

And I’m not talking about the ONE bagel you have here and there because everyone has a bagel or donut once in a while too. I’m talking about the one you have every day. I’m talking about your habits, the every day choices you make for that one body you’re given. I’m talking about the thoughts your thinking, the food your eating and everything else that ends up making your every day.

Are you treating that one body well? Are you giving it what it needs to sustain life and strength? Are you doing what it takes to live strong and be the greatest version of yourself?

Most of us… aren’t.

What you need and I need is completely different because of goals, physiology and many other factors that goes far beyond the purpose of this post. I want you to think for a second about where you are now and what you’re doing because everything you do daily affects you now and in the future. And most don’t stop and think, instead we continue on the hamster wheel of life, asleep and disengaged with what’s in front of us.

We’ve been conditioned to get and continue getting without analyzing what that thing is truly bringing us. We’ve been conditioned to have it NOW even if it means early death, depression and anxiety. Marketing and media sells us on it every day because there’s always something new in the market, something more exciting, something else for you to buy and experience (supplements, cars, clothing, games).

I’m not up for that and maybe, it’s just me, but I’d rather travel the world, be my absolute strongest, inspire others and do greater things with the one body I’ve been given. I wasn’t blessed with a great digestive system and a strong immune system so I know what it’s like to be sick, weak and tired all the time.

To some it may not matter, but I saw something greater in those who cared for themselves. I saw life in them, I saw strength in them and I saw far more than the enjoyment of treats and flavorful food and trust me, I LOVE FOOD. I am one who lives to eat and I can throw down any day of the week! But, that one body can drop at an instant, faster than we know it during this short life we’ve been given.

I AM NOT SAYING NEVER TO HAVE YOUR TREATS OR YOUR FAVORITE MEALS EVER IN YOUR LIFE AGAIN NOR AM I SAYING TO AVOID EXPERIENCES AND LIFE. What I am saying is… Take care of that one body because parts really don’t come cheap.

3 things you can do…

1. Improve your habits (change your actions, make better choices)

2. Hire a coach, trainer or find someone who’s been there done that (accountability, guidance, influence is important in making a change)

3. Listen to your body because what works for one may not work for another

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