Meet The Coaches

Coach Cesar, Head Coach & Founder of The Strength Center NJ

Coach Cesar is a passionate, energetic health & fitness coach. His mission has always been to pass on the life-changing benefits of a fitter, stronger, healthier mind and body. Throughout childhood, Pop-Tarts and Video Games were his life, but after being sick, overweight, and balding at a young age, his priorities shifted to living a healthier, stronger lifestyle.

Coach Cesar began his fitness journey at the early age of 6 with martial arts, but didn't take it seriously until the age of 12 when he realized how it impacted his confidence, well-being and social presence. After several years of being a student and experiencing his own transformation, Cesar began his personal training journey right out of high school at the age of 18.

Coach Cesar brings a unique blend of experience and knowledge after working with high-level athletes in the East and West Coast, providing rehabilitative care at one of the top Sports Medicine offices in the Tri-State and helping everyday people transform their lives through fitness and nutrition.

Coach Cesar loves food, fitness and anything fun that will get the heart pumping and bring a big smile to his face. He believes that challenges are what bring us the experiences and wisdom we need to learn and grow both mentally and physically. He understands that motivation is not always ingrained within us all and often times, we need that extra push to make the leap into greatness.

You can catch him running stairs/hills, lifting heavy weights or at a hole-in-the wall restaurant enjoying some good food. Coach Cesar has a daughter named Sofia and lives happily with his girlfriend Natalie in Fort Lee, NJ.

Coach Nico - Assistant Head Coach, Program Director of The Strength Center


Coach Vanessa - Assistant Manager, Social Media Extraordinaire & Fitness Coach of The Strength Center

Coach Vanessa began her journey at 7 years old where she began to play soccer, basketball and softball. Running around from practice to practice was a part of Vanessa’s every day routine.

Growing up playing multiple sports she began to fall in love with learning more about how to become a faster, stronger, and more powerful athlete. Vanessa went to Belleville High School where she received excelled as a varsity athlete in softball, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading.

She moved away to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where she furthered her passion for fitness earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and pursing her dream of playing division 1 softball.

Coach Vanessa loves going on adventures; whether that be hiking & cliff jumping, going to the ball park, or road tripping. She loves the thrill of overcoming obstacles and learning new things. She believes that positive vibes radiate and that good energy is contagious.

She believes that a fitness journey is a personal adventure full of highs and lows, struggles and accomplishments, sweat and sometimes tears, but at the end of the day 100% worth the hard work.

Coach Jerry - Fitness Coach of The Strength Center