3 Different Levels of the Urban Warrior Fitness Challenge

*Challenges subject to change*

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take? Average time has been between 35-45minutes to complete.

What if I can't do an obstacle? You will either get a scaled exercise or 20 Full Burpees depending on the obstacle.

What if the weather is terrible? We will be ready with an Indoor Urban Warrior Fitness Challenge for everyone.

Is there a time-limit to finish the challenge? No. There is no time-limit to finish the challenge. Do the best you can and finish as fast as you can.


Is there parking near-by? Yes.There is a Municipal parking lot on 67th and park avenue, approximately 2 blocks away.

What do I bring? Your I.D., water, a hand towel if you'd like and your A-Game!

Should I eat before the challenge? Please do! It doesn't have to be a HUGE breakfast but definitely fuel up beforehand!

Where can I leave my belongings during the challenge? We have cubbies available to leave your things within our studio.